C2 Matrix


Thanks to Aaron Herman for below notes.

Set up

Generate payloads

  • Add a new listener and set the host variable. Optionally, you can configure the AgentOptions which includes the URI paths.
  • Once created, click the > button to Interact
  • On the right side, there’s a “Generate Agent” button. Select the OS and Architecture. Obfuscating the payload will slow down the generation greatly.
  • Once created, you can click on the links within the “Agents” box to download. They’re also located in./resources/listenerresources/<uuid>/ if you want to just start a python3 -m http.server there


  • Windows: screengrab, minidump, lsadump, ntdsdump, samdump
  • Mac: screengrab
  • Linux: screengrab, shadowdump