Contributing to #C2Matrix is easy. You can simply send a direct message to @C2_Matrix or @JorgeOrchilles on Twitter or fill out the feedback form with any of the below information:

  • When a new C2 is released or updated

  • Share a blog on how to detect a particular C2

  • Update request for any field on #C2Matrix

  • An evaluation of a new or updated C2

  • Feedback on SANS Slingshot C2 Matrix Edition

  • Any other requests or feedback

Evaluating a C2

Please take a look at our C2 Matrix Eval Lab so that testing can be performed in a consistent manner. The easiest way to contribute is to copy the row you want to update from the Google Sheet Golden Source and share it with us via Twitter or Feedback form.

You can also let us know if there is a particular field that is not accurate such as "Baby Shark row 5 states implementation is by pip3 but it is really" (this is just an example). We do prefer the entire row filled out.

Give back to the Community

Thank you for your interest in contributing and giving back to the community. As a token of appreciation we will make every effort to credit your work. Anyone that does a full C2 evaluation will have Twitter handle added to "Evaluator" column and receive many shout outs and thank you on Twitter. We appreciate all that you all do for the community!

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