Virtual Machines with C2s

There are a few virtual machines with built in C2 frameworks allowing you to start testing and skip the installation.

SANS Slingshot - C2 Matrix Edition

SANS provides a number of free resources to the community including an offensive linux distribution called Slingshot. C2 Matrix worked with SANS to release a special edition Slingshot - C2 Matrix Edition.


C2 Matrix was leveraged by the Offensive Security folks to including the following C2s into Kali 2020.2:

  • Covenant

  • Empire3

  • EvilOSX

  • Faction C2

  • Fudge C2

  • Godoh

  • ibombshell

  • Koadic

  • Merlin

  • PoshC2


  • Sliver

For more details, follow the tracker.

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