C2 Matrix


Apfell was renamed to Mythic

Set up

Thanks to Aaron Herman for below notes.

Git clone the repository

$ cd Mythic
$ sudo ./mythic-cli start

Get password for admin

$ cat .env | grep -i admin_pass

Install a payload Github repo

$ ./mythic-cli install github https://github.com/MythicAgents/poseidon
https://localhost:7443/new/login and sign in with mythic_admin and password from above

Generating payloads

  • Navigate to https://localhost:7443/new/payloads and click “Actions”, “Create New Payload”
  • Follow prompts to add Target OS
  • Target Payload Type
    • Poseidon
    • Medusa
      • Make sure you have a C2 profile - sudo ./mythic-cli c2 start http
  • Add any additional commands (Poseidon doesn’t have any available ones)
  • Select C2 profile (make sure you have a C2 profile created/running)
  • Create Payload!